Common Signs of Blown Gaskets

Even in the high precision world of auto manufacturing, it is impossible to make two metal surfaces match exactly. Gaskets are used to fill the space in between. They create a seal so that your car's fluids do not leak out.

Gaskets are often exposed to high heat and extreme pressure. This means that they will eventually wear out. When they do, a blown gasket can cause fluid to leak out and cause the part to fail. If you see a puddle of fluid underneath your car when you move it from a parking space, you may have a blown gasket. Fluid leaking out can also drip on hot parts, creating a burning smell that you can detect from the outside when you turn off your engine.

If you see leaking fluid, or smell something burning, you should have your gaskets checked with the staff in our service center at Auto Land Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram soon.

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