How to Check Your Car Battery

Having a properly working battery is better for optimal vehicle function. Your batter, after all, is responsible for powering the starter motor and ignition system, as well as for powering the electronics of your vehicle when your vehicle isn't running. Routinely testing your battery lets you know if and when it should be replaced.

The state of your car battery can be tested with a multimeter. This is accomplished by first turning the multimeter meter setting to DC volts. Next, you should place the positive and negative leads of the multimeter on the corresponding terminals of the battery. A reading of 12.66 or above shows a fully charged battery. Anything below 12.45 should be professionally checked and tested.

If your battery is not charging as it should and you require professional assistance, then bring your vehicle to our service center at Auto Land Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We diagnose it for any issues and replace it if need be.

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