Custom Style Heritage of the Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is known for its legendary performance and its iconic style. The styling highlights its muscle car heritage while hinting at its cutting edge modern performance.

In their prime, muscle cars were all about creating a hand-tuned performance car unique to the owner. The Dodge Challenger holds true to these muscle car roots, offering several exterior styling and equipment packages on each trim level. The Challenger offers one of the most thorough racing stripe catalogs in the modern muscle car scene.

From understated to bold, Challenger owners can choose stripes and graphics that offer a hint of style for the street or a full T/A race replica graphic set and anything in between. Graphics sets are integrated elegantly into every inch of the vehicle, including the now trending yellow air dam corner highlights which are a throwback to the GT road-racing days of the Challenger. With the many exterior highlights of the Dodge Challenger, you'll have a hard time walking away from it.

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