The Dodge Challenger Has a Smart Transmission System That Boosts Fuel Efficiency

The Dodge Challenger has two engine options; consumers can equip a V8 or V6. No matter what type you select, fuel efficiency won't suffer because the Challenger's standard transmission system will provide big advantages.

On the road in an average automobile, engine speed dramatically impacts fuel efficiency. This is why the Dodge Challenger has an eight-speed automatic transmission system with advanced technology called TorqueFlite. While TorqueFlite is activated, it manages the Challenger's acceleration, which stops the engine from slowing down frequently. This convenient feature helps a driver make the most out of every mile.

If you get behind the wheel in a Challenger's cabin, you can experience how the transmission boosts performance and saves gasoline. You can also checkout TorqueFlite when the Challenger reaches top speeds. Challenger test drives are available at Auto Land Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We have an educated team that makes the process of arranging a session convenient.



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