Running your business and having an array of vehicles in your fleet can be stressful and financially trying at times. To mitigate downtime and ensure your business operates to its fullest, the quality of your fleet vehicles cannot be skimped on. We at Auto Land Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram hold the venerable RAM Promaster vans in high regard. Let us explore some reasons why!

The tough ProMasters are capable of an admirable payload of 4,440 pounds. This is very impressive! Further, if you are hauling that many goods, the ProMaster can stop on a dime with its impressive Brembo brakes, ensuring accidents are few and far between. In the event there is an accident, the ProMaster is intelligently designed to have the front fascia easily removed for engaging in repairs. This keeps your costs down as labor to fix is greatly reduced.

These were but a small selection of the wonderful traits of the RAM ProMaster. Come explore how your business can benefit from these great vans by scheduling a test drive with us today!


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