Your Exhaust System: More Than Just the Muffler

When you get your emissions test, your muffler is not the only thing being checked. The muffler is the part that is responsible for noise reduction, but your entire exhaust system protects you and the atmosphere from toxic substances.

Your muffler is also what usually alerts you to an exhaust system problem, getting noisier the faster you go. However, your exhaust system runs all through your car, starting just behind your engine where the exhaust manifolds and cylinder heads can be found. When the system is functioning correctly, these work together to collect gases that your catalytic converter refines so they are less hazardous to the environment. These gases then quietly exit through your muffler.

If you fail your emissions test, some part of this system is not working correctly. At Auto Land Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Accident, we can repair your exhaust system and do any other necessary maintenance on your vehicle.


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