If you've visited the lot at Auto Land Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Accident recently, then you might have seen a whole mess of shiny new 2020 Dodge Durango midsize SUVs lined up. While they might all look like they're the same vehicle, under the hood they're completely different beasts.

Those who need to transport their tools between different construction sites in Accident could look into the Durango R/T, which is also great for towing. The powerful naturally-aspirated V8 engine can offer drivers up to 360 horses. Some motorists are starting to say it's sort of like a grown-up muscle car. Dodge Durango SRT drivers are treated to an extra-large functional hood scoop along with some hot air extractors and other niceties that are designed to make it even beefier. Regardless of which version you pick, though, you can expect to tow over 7,000 pounds behind you.

That's leaving drivers with a very tough, yet extremely pleasant, choice to make between two powerful midsize SUVs.


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